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Hey, guys! Sorry for the lack of presence lately. I’m taking a couple of college level courses this year, and school’s kicking my butt, so please excuse my absences!

Anyways, I saw This is Us on Friday with my best friends and I’ll admit that I sobbed through a good portion of it. I’m just so proud of our boys and everything they’ve accomplished. So i was a weeping mess and my friends were embarrassed by me, but oh well!

Thanks for sticking around everyone! I hope to have some new stuff up soon!


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I need to have my rant

We found out that Liam was dating her not even a day yet and he has already tweeted saying he has seen horrible things said about Sophia already. Can you let the poor boy have a chance to be happy? It’s not your life so keep the hell out of his business. Because tweeting Sophia hate is only going to get the boys to the us because they can’t have a normal relationship without people going mental.

They are real people, they have feelings. They aren’t toys for you to start playing with and changing if you don’t like it. Also why are you already hating on her? Yeah she isn’t Danielle but Liam and Danielle broke up. Liam has moved on, Payzer will most likely never get back together.

Moral of the story: if you hate on Sophia, Perrie or Eleanor then it’s time to get a new hobby.

Send hate to me if you want, I don’t really care

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too many people on my dash talking about zayn/perrie potential engagement and not enough talking about the jade/perrie ass grab on the red carpet like


their faces

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If you guys wanna talk about your Zerrie feels I am here to counsel

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and they were like ‘you’ll nail it mate’ 'shed be mad to say no' and then niall from the back 'yeah zeyn even id marry yer after that speech'

Dying at the even I’d marry ya

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